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The ProPhysique Code

May 30, 2022

What is a refeed and what are some different refeed strategies that one can take to optimize a fat loss phase? In this episode, Paul and Matt discuss this topic and talk about some of their very own strategies and successes using these with their clients. 

May 26, 2022

In this special episode, Paul and Stephen sit down to discuss and recap the annual ProPhysique Experience, which took place this past weekend in Tampa, FL. This weekend was full of learning with guest speakers like Bret Contreras, Joe Klemczewski, and Matt Blevins, training AND some memorable team bonding to top...

May 23, 2022

In this episode, Coach Priscila and Coach Christina dive into the basics of getting started and WHERE to start as a beginner, when it comes to your fitness and nutrition goals. Nutrition, workouts, adherence and MORE, this episode goes into detail on where you should start if you are just getting started with...

May 19, 2022

In this fun filled episode, Coach Rachel and Kayleigh speak on the topic of getting shredded and furthermore, all the shit they don't tell you about being shredded. It may look glamorous at the surface level, but how it feels for most, is another story!

May 16, 2022

How can you set up your building season so that you can get the most out of it? In this episode, Matt, John and Phil touch on this topic and how you can plan to optimize the gains, mentally and physically, within a growth phase.