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The ProPhysique Code

Oct 28, 2021

Let's chat all about postpartum life. Christina (a mother of 3 and soon to be 4), Dani (a new mother to one) and Kayleigh (a mother to one), sit down and chat about life postpartum. Breastfeeding, working out, sex and more...are all disclosed in this fun episode!

Oct 25, 2021

What is TRULY considered "consistency?" We oftentimes hear this term being thrown around, but what does it mean to be consistent when it comes to achieving your health and fitness-oriented goals? Phil, Lexie and Jessica give their definitions of true "consistency" in this episode. 

Oct 21, 2021

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to the ProPhysique Code! In this special episode, Paul, Dani and Lexie all sit down to reflect on the past year and to celebrate this mini-milestone. Future plans for the podcast, current top episodes and more are all discussed in this fun-filled episode. 

Oct 18, 2021

Working SMARTER does not always mean working HARDER and grinding yourself to the ground. In this episode, Rachel and Sarah talk on this topic and elaborate further on what this truly means. Based on their experiences as coaches and athletes, they offer their own personal viewpoint on this subject. 

Oct 15, 2021

In this bonus episode, Stephen introduces Jessica Best, his longtime client, and one of Team ProPhysique's newest coaches. Along with touching on Jessica's background, they both discuss the topic of digestion, and furthermore, how to optimize digestion.